Business opportinities for Pharma and Medical Device manufacturers

AaMEDI is looking for suppliers for

Healthcare products for Swiss and Global market

Swiss healthcare market is attractive to create successful business. AaMEDI can support our customers in launching new products in Switzerland. At the moment, we are interested in innovative and high quality Pharmaceuticals and  Medical Devices.  
Additionally, through our global partners network we are able to sell your products in more than 20 countries.

Business  Opportunities



AaMEDI is looking for modern pharmaceuticals for Swiss and Global markets. In case you are interested in cooperation please send a message. .

medical devices

Medical Devices

AaMEDI sees a huge market potental in inovative Medical Device markets. Please contact us regarding your products  


Diagnostic devices

AaMEDI is looking for sofisticated Diagnostic products for Swiss and Global markets. Please send us information about your products.