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Documentation System for Pharma

AaMed is using M-Files DMS in Pharma Quality projects.
AaMEDI is representing M-Files in Switzerland and   implementing M-Files for our Pharma customers. 

M-Files DMS Documentation Management System for small and medium size Pharma companies from the leading global IT house M-Files.
A Visionary Approach to Intelligent Information Management

M-Files document management system is simple to install and fast to learn, reliable, powerful and secure beeing low-cost solution without breaking your budget.
M-Files solves many problems regarding documentation management especially in the Pharma field like:
improve workflow, increase information reuse, fulfill compliance, eliminate redundancy, securely control content, and avoid conflicts and data loss – all in a single document management solution that integrates with Windows Explorer.

M-Files Features

- Fast search – both "full text" file contents and metadata
- Secure, metadata-driven user access permissions
- Check-in/check-out 
- Audit trail and version management
- Possibility to save Emails   
- Workflow with email notifications
- Fast offline use and remote/mobile access
- Support for scanned paper documents and email
- Web interface
- Robust interface for connecting to external databases such as an enterprise CRM or ERP system

Compatible to all main applications

- Microsoft
- Windows Exploder
- Word
- Excel
- Oulook


M-Files DMC
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