AaMEDI can support you comprehensive to establish your 

Swiss based Global Pharma Company

Including the Swissmedic Licences and the needed GDP quality system

AaMedi can establish for you a Swiss based inernational Pharma company including the foundation of the company,  the application of Swissmedic "Trade abroad" license as well as the buiding of the complete GDP quality system.

AaMedi with it's partners and associates supports our international Pharma customers in many ways from the establishment of the Swiss company, taking care of the administration in different essential areas of business and offering wide rage of services in pharma field.

Establishing your pharma company in Switzerland

Establishing a company in Switzerland is our daily business. Please inform us what kind company you need. Please send us information and questions.

Administrate and Manage your Swiss company

We have 25 years experience in Managing companies in Switzerland and would like to do it also for you . 

Quality, RP/FvP and Regulatory Services

AaMEDI provides all  Quality assurance services which are needed to start a global pharma company in Switzerland.

Pharma Consulting Business dev. and Proj. Management

AaMEDI provides a lot of services which are needed to run a phrma company in Switzerland.