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Medical Imaging services

Medical imaging is the visualization of body parts, tissues, or organs, for use in clinical diagnosis, treatment and disease monitoring. Imaging techniques encompass the fields of radiology, nuclear medicine and optical imaging and image-guided intervention.

Imaging Methods


Radiology: Ultrasound,CT, X-ray, MRI

Radiological methods provide the anatomical and physiological detail of the human body at very high spatial and temporal resolution. Images can be enhanced by the use of contrast agents.                          

nuclear medicine

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear imaging techniques such as PET and SPECT display remarkable detail in the body’s physiology, metabolism and molecular function through the use of radioactive tracers.

optical imaging

Other Methods

Optical imaging techniques such as Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) can display real-time structural and functional information of most hollow organs at the cellular level. The high resolution of these images can reveal abnormalities,

AaMEDI Expertice in Medical Imaging

Scientific experts in all imaging related quations like clinical studies, therapy monitoring and invidual cases as wll as contras media. Our experise covers essential parts of the Medical Imaging from pharma research to clinical implementation as follows: 


Theragnostics is a concept which strongly links diagnostics to therapy using same active componds.  

Early phase clinical, including phase 0 trials

Our experts offer advanced comprehensive diagnostic imaging services and expertise in medical imaging as well as performing clinical trials.

Translational Reserach

Translational research is the process of applying knowledge from basic biology and clinical trials to techniques and tools that address critical medical needs.

MRI Expertise

Our experts have MRI experience more than 20 years each. 

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